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Life Groups at Blue Roof Church are groups of people coming together to share, grow, and give back to the community in which we love and live.

Together, in unity, we share life, together.   Life Groups are a special time, where transformation takes place and we move from being friends to becoming family.

In Life Groups, we connect weekly to support, assist, and encourage one another as we grow through life’s experiences.   The pleasures of enjoying a social network with real meaning is priceless ….. and such networks exist at Blue Roof Church.
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Giving back to the community is where we find our mission in Life Groups.  Life Groups being a “hand up” to those in need is what changes the community in which we live.  And by being missional, we find that we are changed for the better, too!

You can also learn more about Life Groups by contacting us at lifegroups@blueroofchurch.com